A 40 year old idea
but always new and innovative.
We are a small company in the province of Bergamo, established for 40 years, founded by the acclaimed artist, Mario Moriggi. It is Mario’s passion for art, his desire to experiment and express the most creative ideas of his own and others, his fine eye for detail, ability to achieve the impossible and love for challenges that has made Mario Moriggi Studio Intarsio renowned for fulfilling the requests of the most luxurious, exclusive companies all over the world.

With our revolutionary ideas and innovations, using manual techniques and only the best laser technology, Studio Intarsio has totally changed the direction in the furniture industry when it was in a time of decline.

Technology, quality and design

Thanks to the use of the most advanced, state of the art technology and our know how, we are able to deliver with consistency and to the highest of quality.

Towards the future

We have turned even the most interesting, difficult to execute restaurant ideas into comfortable dining locations. We have worked with the most luxurious car designers, private jets, billiard table and much more.

Recent projects
Thanks to the continual development of technology and more importantly our dedication to sourcing new technology, each of our pieces remain unique, meaning we are in a class of our own in this industry

Italian Inlay Design

With our design concept and our meticulous attention to detail, our inlay is created to leave a lasting impression.

Mario Moriggi is an world class company based in the province of Bergamo, north of Italy, who for almost 40 years have produced inlay exclusively for the Italian and international market. Over the years, Mario Moriggi Studio Intarsio has transformed into a modern company, but has always remaind true to their humble beginnings. Mario himself is hands on and continues to work daily with his team to ensure the high quality production is not compromised. They are acclaimed with many awards within their industry and are in demand by architects, furniture designers, decorators and more.

Our partners

Mario Moriggi and his team are delighted to present the most amazing pieces to their clients, and remain the best in the world.

Tabu wewood
Founded in 1927 in Cantù, TABU is the leader in coloured wood.
FEB31st is an Italian company founded with intuition and tenacity, an authentic company with an eye for detail and unique designs.
BVLKSTUDIO & MÀS OWNER, Furniture & Carpets, Award-winning designer, decorator. A Member of the IIDA, a Member of the Union of Designers of Russia..
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Piazzale dei Brevetti, 17
24040 Pagazzano (BG) Italia

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