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A 40 year old idea that is always new!


    Ours is a small company situated in a small town in the province of Bergamo; studio intarsio Mario Moriggi was established approximately 40 years, ago thanks to a passion for art and a desire for self-expression and the will to convey the expression of others; it is the fruit of constant research, of the ability to create unique pieces, a continuous challenge, a dream that came true over time: the dream to create inlay works that are among the most important worldwide from the point of view of quality. Master Mario Moriggi began his entrepreneurial adventure beginning from a piece of wood and original ideas, he set himself high goals and concrete values, and with a sense of great passion, for decades he has been instilling his passion for art and his love for shapes, lines and colours into a veritable innovative wave within the sector, which has also been met with much recognition and great success at international trade fairs. We like to also underline another side of our experience, that is that the quality and originality of the products always win: over the years in fact there have been numerous imitation attempts that we consider to be a sign of the great respect and continuous attention that the other competitors pay to Studio Intarsio but thanks to the continuous sought after technological equipment, our works remain unique pieces that fear no competitors. The public rewards us for this.

    Porta in madreperla

    His workshop – Atelier MARIO MORIGGI STUDIO INTARSIO has now been transformed into a modern company, cared for just as much as the works of art that it produces in the tiniest of details, equipped with the most modern laser technology and otherwise, and capable of responding with incredible efficiency and speed to the needs of the greatest companies and multinationals from various sectors, it is the most sought after destination by those specialised in this sector, architects and designers of international fame, furnishing experts, builders and decorators.


    This extraordinary art has hundreds of practical applications, there are many areas in which inlay has been used for the first time thanks to the intuition of master Moriggi.

    Madreperla e ottone

    Quality, innovation, passion, the values of a certain era: these are the factors that have enabled Studio Intarsio to impose itself within the marketplace. Our clients include some of the most important and well-known Italian and international companies, models of excellence within their respective financial sectors, which makes their collaboration with studio Moriggi something to be proud of and one of the keys of their success. Reliability, collaboration, closeness to the client: Studio Intarsio follows the execution of the work commissioned throughout all phases, ensuring a constant presence during the course of the workmanship, from the moment of the initial idea to the completion of the finished product. This is a significant added value, especially for those companies that not only aim at having a high quality product but whose objective is also to train their personnel.