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  • Mario Moriggi an ebony and inlay worker

    With his innovative and revolutionary ideas, with both manual and laser techniques, Mario Moriggi has managed to change the fate of artistic furniture, which had been in constant decline for some time. He combines and blends his abilities and his vision, bringing them beyond the majesty of Andrè Charles Boulle, the originality of Emile Gallè, the charm of Maggiolini, the sensitivity of perspective and figurative shapes of Lotto and Capoferri, the craftsmanship of the Baroque and Renaissance proposals of Giuliano da Maiano and the maniacal meticulousness of Bugatti Carlo. It suffices to enter any exhibition or furniture trade fair to realise this. We may safely say that he is the artist who put a stop to the decline of inlay and thus he is naturally the most observed and the most copied.


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